Welcome CEO Space Member:

Each Forum Directory is like a class year book containing every Class participant's photo, contact information, as well as skills and project information. The directory is ready the last Saturday of class at EXPO and will help you network with other CEO Space Members. Make sure you reserve your copy early by using the form in your PreClass Kit or pick one up at Forum.

After you Login you will be able to update the skills and project (your WOW) information that is used for the class directory. Be concise. You have just 250 characters for each of the fields.

You can click "SAVE CHANGES" as many time as needed, but make sure you click "SAVE CHANGES" before you close the update page!

Once you arrive at class and complete registration, CEO Space will take your picture for the directory. You will have a chance to make updates to the directory information during the first 3 days of class at the WOW Station, but is recommended you do this as early as possible. Make sure you double check the proofs before the directory goes to the printer, midway through class.

Please use the e-mail address you used when you registered for class as well as the zip code as a password.

If you have trouble logging in please contact us at the home office 256.850.4700, 0   from 9 - 6 CT.

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Email Address: Use e-mail address from your enrollment, Zip/Postal code as password.
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